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Start with These Building Blocks

Service Description

Shared Sisterhood is about coalition-building, a potentially powerful remedy for workplace gender inequity. Too often, “women’s issues” and efforts around gender equity are conflated, as if all within the cohort face identical challenges. This is a false premise—but holds the hope. Uniting women across their differences, including the very salient racio-ethnic differences that exist among women within diverse companies, can be a powerful and attainable way to collectively drive change. For the process (and promise) of Shared Sisterhood to take hold, trust, vulnerability, empathy and risk-taking, both individually and collectively are required. Understanding these essential building blocks and being intentional about them is a critical, often overlooked step. Even the most inclusive organizations miss it. Tina takes you through the process of starting and building toward a culture of inclusion that is more sustainable for all. BEST FOR (Audience): • Women in leadership events, ERGs • Leaders and organizations invested in gender and equity initiatives who feel like they’ve reached a plateau • Leadership and development professionals

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