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Thinking Deeply, Acting with Intent, Fostering Connections

Service Description

This is a very personal journey—digging into individual thoughts and actions. Tina’s starting point is trust and empathy. Trust is focused on how confident we are with the words, actions, and decisions of another person; for it to deepen it is grounded in reciprocated interpersonal care. Empathy focuses on “other-oriented” or feelings of concern for others. Vulnerability and risk come next. How susceptible are you willing to be for the negative consequences of actions you undertake Group Coaching on behalf of another? Are others willing to take a chance on failure or rejection on your behalf? Together, these four elements are the foundation for authentic emotional interactions. Instead of competition in which individuals seek to maximize their own utility, Tina helps foster a climate for cooperation and co-empowerment. In “Mind & Muscle” she helps tune both our minds and muscles to be open to connections and community. BEST FOR (Audience): • Senior leaders, Women in leadership events, ERGs • Leaders and organizations invested in gender and equity initiatives who feel like they’ve reached a plateau • Leadership and development professionals

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