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Helping Even the Most Inclusive Orgs Tackle What’s in Plain Sight

Service Description

While no leader sets out to marginalize or disenfranchise a member of the team, the truth is it happens. Often, the reason is right there, in plain sight. Identifying the patterns and processes within organizations that undermine inclusion efforts is Tina’s focus. She’ll walk you through key areas to examine—observing power patterns, considerations of “fit”, appearance policies and norms, definitions of “difficult” and more. And help you focus on the areas that too often undermine your efforts, including performance management metrics and HR policies encouraging competitiveness and aggression versus teamwork and cooperation. You’ll emerge with a lens for identifying potential issues before they become engrained practices, along with ways to address and dismantle processes that may be in place. BEST FOR (Audience): • Senior leaders in all industries • Diversity and inclusion committees, leaders • Leadership and development professionals

Contact Details

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