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Oppression is Not a Limiting Belief

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

As a manager or leader, it can be important to help people reframe or rethink their beliefs, in order to eliminate limiting beliefs (if you don't know what limiting beliefs are, see here: For example, helping an employee overcome a limiting belief by recognizing that they do in fact have strong capabilities, is a noble goal.

However, oppression is NOT a limiting belief. Oppression did not originate in our minds. Systems of oppression are not false ideas that we've created. These are real systems that need to be eradicated. So, when an employee shares that there are inequitable systems that is not the time to ask them how they can individually overcome that oppressive system. Instead, it is up to YOU as a leader and a manager to take the risk to dismantle that system. Please lead accordingly. What can YOU do at work to eradicate systems of inequity?

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