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Kidney Disease and Bad Entrepreneurial Days Won't Keep Us Down!

Hello everyone! It has been two months since I last posted so I'm going to spend a bit more space and time updating you.

First, if you've been following me on social media, you know that I've had some recent health challenges. I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. I share more details in a recent LinkedIn post; click the image below to link to the LinkedIn post.

I'm not sharing my health news for sympathy, I'm sharing it because I am asking that you all take care of yourselves. Please, PLEASE schedule your annual physical evaluations. It was during my annual physical evaluation that I learned of the chronic kidney disease. Please advocate for yourself. It could literally save your life. What steps are you taking to take care of your health?

Second, in addition to taking care of my personal health, I continue to pursue my entrepreneurial interests. You know that I'm always transparent: entrepreneurship is not always fun and sunshine it can KICK YOUR BUTT. I recorded this video on a challenging day. I hope that the video encourages you and motivates you to KEEP PUSHING. Please post your thoughts in the comments. (BTW, forgive my dirty finger nails around 1:20; this is the real me, around the house, cleaning up, unfiltered).

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