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Dear White Women

I made this video a few years ago. I was feeling overwhelmed by consistent reports of racism and brutality against people who look like me. Black people. I'm resharing it now because I am concerned that we are losing momentum. Organizations are beginning to cut their DEI initiatives. There is increasing backlash against DEI work and the people who are doing this important work. We need co-conspirators (if you do not know what that word means, please see my earlier posts!) more now than ever. Please WATCH the video, JOIN in Shared Sisterhood and help us DISMANTLE systemic inequities for the good of us all.

After watching this video, I feel...

  • Tense, Angry or Frustrated

  • Excited, Delighted or Happy

  • Depressed, Bored or Tired

  • Calm, Relaxed or Content

Please share your thoughts and comments. Thank you!

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